Well equipped with the methods of Radiesthesia on one’s way to its own self !

The Radiesthesia / Pendulum Dowsing

passed through centuries of challenges before setting up its firm foundation on the road to its establishing. Diverse and unquestionable is its successful application in finding water, valuable mines and precious metals, lost stuff and even people.

Last century and the beginning of the 21st century is the time when the Radiesthesie proves its key role in diagnosis and treatment of numerous health disorders.
The Radiesthesia entered the medical practice as the right hand of the homeopathy in diagnosing and dosage of the prescribed medicine.

Gradually it established its own methods for diagnosis and treatment, proving daily its effectiveness in fields where the traditional medicine has reached its limits. The good Radiesthesist knows no boundaries in healing.

Having its base set on strong scientific foundation, the Radiesthesia is destined to become the bridge between the allopathic and the alternative medicine.

The Radiesthesia opens wide horizons for the expansion of the Radionic healing and the development of powerful, easy-to apply methods for self-treatment.

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